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Guidepoint Stolen Vehicle RecoveryA prospect recently asked, “What’s the one thing that sets Matrixforce apart from its competitors?”. If only there was that one silver bullet, like our Delta proprietary methodology. However, the query really wasn’t some practiced qualification tactic, but just a thoughtful question. So, I told him there are likely several differentiators, but that it starts with a unique organizational approach of Matrixforce being a C Corporation with a fantastic board of directors versus a sea of LLCs.

One of our newest board members is Tom Gafford, Chief Technology Officer and cofounder of Guidepoint Systems in Fort Worth. Guidepoint integrates advanced GPS and wireless Internet technology to provide stolen vehicle recovery. Supporting the western hemisphere and growing, Tom brings tremendous open source technology insight to a prominent Microsoft partner, along with the business savvy of partnering with the world’s leading automotive and telecom firms, across thousands of new car dealerships and specialty retailers.

Tom joins Steve and Lee Synnott as an exceptional group to bring insightful knowledge from various industries and geographic perspectives. Steve Synnott is the CEO of Pro Group in Denver, an international merchandising and marketing consortium for distributor and retail vendors. Lee Synnott is former CEO and Chairman of the Board of Ingram Book in Nashville.

Obviously, such advisory oversight adds significant business advantage for Matrixforce. More importantly, it adds another level of trust for customers. Instead of unknown owners for a relatively new LLC, a 35 year old C Corporation is publicly listed with verifiable shareholders. It may not be the main thing that sets Matrixforce apart, but it’s a clear differentiator in business approach than virtually any competitor.

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