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Streamline Lessons From 100 Blog Posts

100 Blog PostsStreamline, our managed services blog, achieves 100 posts today! Since starting in December of 2009, many things have changed and there is very little information on the web from business organizations that aren’t selling blog services. While we’ve committed our share of errors, we’ve also achieved a fair amount of success:

  1. Management commitment. People want to hear most from those at the top. Blogging is not something you can simply hire out and takes discipline of a regular schedule, just like payroll or taxes. Weekly is the de facto standard to provide any quality, while not being overly frequent. The blog should have a branded name and the author’s name should be prominent and verifiable on social media.
  2. Motivation cogitation. Forget about hawking your wares, focusing only on link building, bragging about an award, or the press release format that sounds like it should be read by a movie-tone narrator from the 50’s. Give better or unique answers to your customers or prospects. In this highly competitive landscape, a great blog simply communicates a better understanding.
  3. Looks definitely matter. Most blogs start with the Contempt theme. The blue and minimalist feel puts writers at ease to let the words flow. However, it’s plain and boring for the audience. Pick a mobile responsive theme, customize the header graphic, upload a blog icon, and make sure every post has a featured image. Paragraphs should be 4-6 sentences with emphasis on key points using bold, italic, or underline. Remember that most people usually just scan and won’t read that 1,500 word magazine article.
  4. Not just another blog. All other managed services blogs are blue or green, while ours is maroon. Few use any featured images and many of the posts have similar titles to dozens of clone articles on the web. We google all titles to make sure our posts are different and the content unique.  People don’t really care what managed services are, they just want to know how to solve their business and technology challenges.

Hopefully, this post helps with your digital marketing and like everything else in business, be prepared to adapt in this fast paced marketplace.

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