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Technology Foresight 2013

Technology Foresight 2013

It seemed like 2012 was just all about the Presidential Election. While the world waited for the outcome, the technology industry of course didn’t slow down. The following predictions are a mix of both safe and controversial:

  1. 3D printers invigorate. This technology has the capability to bring American manufacturing back to prominence in the world economy.
  2. Cost cutting continues. From ObamaCare and higher taxes to a slow economy and senseless need to maintain significant technology infrastructure, more customers than ever will scramble to lower their number #4 business expense with managed services that offer flat cost and proven process.
  3. Author rank dominates. You click on the results with author pictures because you know they are credible experts and this search trend not only keeps Google leading and relevant, but increases the quality bar for everyone.
  4. Windows 8 dominates. Despite virtually the whole technology industry caught napping, a new era of innovation from smartphones & tablets to the desktop begins with more productivity and better value.
  5. Apple decline continues. The stock continues to plummet beyond 40%, high-priced Apple TV offers nothing over a plethora of TV manufactures with more wow for less bucks, youth no longer think Apple is cool with just another iPhone 6, and the 6 year trend continues for nothing new for business customers.
  6. Browser wars are over. Pure HTML5 begins to dominate due to Java security vulnerabilities, Adobe Flash  lacking search optimization, and Silverlight complexity.
  7. Cloud decided. Microsoft will announce nearly three times the subscribers with Office 365 versus Google Apps with more features for the cost as more organizations and consumers move to cloud computing.
  8. Responsive design rules. People browse the most on smartphones and tablets. Sites without this consideration in mind will be largely inaccessible or obviously dated.
  9. Google singularity. The SPAM of duplicate content like microsites, reposted blog articles, and widely copied boring press releases continue a slow death to search oblivion.
  10. Social media plummets. More people will leave Facebook because of scandals and monotony than the population of the United States, even as new variations like Snapchat or Pinterest emerge.

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