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Divergent Hiring IT Support Specialist


In the movie Divergent, the world is divided into factions by virtue and independent thought is dangerous. Tris is drawn to the Dauntless (brave) faction, even though she comes from Abnegation (selfless). What makes her different is her approach, empathy, and curiosity.

Computer simulations are not real. Stretching the limits of your abilities does not make you superior to others. Failure to notice the changing surroundings and those humans around you just means you’re another hopeless drone.

Unfortunately, most IT firms are also dystopian. All the websites are blue, not mobile enabled, and rarely updated with plenty of bravado about being the best or on some paid-advertising list. The message for customers is the disingenuous “focus on your business while we take care of your technology”.

The models are broken, as the greenest employees with little training are put on the Help Desk to handle the front line for customers. If you don’t flame out or aren’t fired due to customer complaints, you might get to Level 1 followed by Level 2 and then eventually be a manager. You’re expected to constantly bill more hours and sell more product.

We’re not a typical IT firm as evidenced in 7 Things We Don’t Do and we don’t hire the same way as competitors. Our people must fit with our culture and continually meet high standards for customers. Consider these aspects:


  • Enjoy figuring out and documenting new technology
  • Think e-mail is a terrible form of communication
  • Paid for your own stuff as a teenager
  • Want to work for David instead of Goliath


  • Streamline technology to improve operations and reduce complexity
  • Think customers should get the information they need when they need it
  • Don’t wait and aren’t afraid to make mistakes
  • Care more about your intelligence and values more than your experience

Year-end bonuses have already been paid in December and were 20% higher than 2013. It’s called leverage, the ongoing formula of when to hire the next specialist, which is reviewed regularly by the leadership. In just the first week of January, our team has completed and followed up on 105 cases, started 3 projects, and passed certification tests making Matrixforce a top 100 Microsoft Cloud Champion.

You’ll notice that we use Job Scorecards rather than vague job descriptions in our search for IT Support Specialist Tulsa. So if you’re divergent, find out more information and submit your resume on the careers page.

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