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Top 25 Reasons for Windows Phone 7

First there was Blackberry, then Windows Mobile (RIM had to start giving away the Blackberry Enterprise Server), nearly 5 years later iPhone, and 2 years after that Android. Now Microsoft has returned with Windows Phone 7 and the following are 25 reasons you should buy one:

  1. The devices are built for speed with the industry’s fastest processors.
  2. New OS with faster application load than iPhone, Blackberry, or Droid.
  3. Everything you do is meant for quick access, so no more of that irritating swiping over and over.
  4. The tiles or hubs are much bigger and easier to hit than the iPhone or Droid.
  5. The start screen can be quickly personalized and favorite apps pinned where you want.
  6. Dozens of devices from various manufacturers for several form factors, some with built-in keyboards.
  7. Tetherless syncing for everything with no need to connect to a computer.
  8. Voice activated search for everything – accurate even with background noise.
  9. Zune for music and video.
  10. Phone reception is good regardless of how you hold the phone.
  11. External case is not required.
  12. Xbox Live gaming.
  13. Service provided by all major carriers.
  14. Multiple Exchange account support.
  15. Direct support for the latest ActiveSync features.
  16. No need for a Blackberry Enterprise Server / licensing / maintenance.
  17. No one does mobile Office and Office integration better.
  18. Better stability and less reboots than iPhone or Droid.
  19. Built for Facebook and other social network integration.
  20. Fast picture taking – even when the phone is locked.
  21. Automatic ability to upload any files and synch with Windows Live Skydrive.
  22. Turn by turn navigation via Bing Maps.
  23. While panned by some reviewers, battery life has been equal or better to iPhone or Droid.
  24. App Marketplace has reached 5K apps in 2 months and MS has the largest number of developers in the world.
  25. All said it costs less, does more, and offers more choice than alternatives.

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