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Tag: Unified Messaging

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Last Resort Exchange Recovery

Until recent years, most small and medium-sized businesses had their own Exchange Server. However, most don’t have the money for a redundant server out-of-state. Further, Exchange Service Packs and other required […]

Managed Serivces Year End

It’s that time of year again, when things seem to both incredibly speed up and slow down at the same time.  STOP … Take a deep breath and THINK. That […]

Cavemen Carry iPhones

iPhone Not Relevant

Apple iPhones account for nearly 35% of our help desk calls. The iPhone issues are generally: Inability to connect to Exchange for business e-mail Calendar sync issues iTunes updates wipe all […]

2012 Technology Predictions

2011 was another great year for technology with a continued explosion of smartphones, tablets, cloud computing, online backup, and managed services. The following are some intriguing possibilities for 2012: Apple failure in […]

Future Phone

Zander goes into Best Buy. One of the 5 phone sales people pounces immediately. Before “I need a phone” was out of his mouth, it was some crap literature shoved in […]

Bungled Unified Messaging

We’ve done more than our share of firefighting over the last 30 days. While there are a lot of acceptable approaches to technology, straying from or outright ignoring best practices […]

Lucky Green Computing

In the midst of all the basketball, we have the luck of the Irish celebrated on St. Patrick’s day. The problem is far too many companies are gambling with their […]

2011 Technology Predictions

2010 was a great year for technology with an explosion of smartphones, tablets, and controller-less gaming. The following are some intriguing possibilities for 2011: Cloud computing will continue to increase with […]

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