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2010 Technology Savings

We would like to sincerely thank our clients for the trust and faith they put in Matrixforce. These organizations saved an average of $38,256 in support costs, escaped planned obsolescence for significant infrastructure, and enjoy an ongoing plan to serve business goals. 2010 was defined by 3 key trends:

  1. Managed Services grew 23% as some clients decided to take control of IT and others decided to give existing IT staff much-needed help. The first group enjoyed an average 47% savings over existing support and the latter enjoyed a win/win of reducing cost and having internal IT staff focus on brain work of helping move the organization forward with more time for end-user customer service. Unlike other competitors, these clients enjoy a 33 year firm history of providing some of the world’s leading IT strategy and consulting along with Matrixforce Delta proprietary methodology resulting in over 3,000 successful client projects.
  2. Cloud Computing grew over 527% versus last year making Matrixforce one of the nation’s leading Cloud Champions. Our Matrixforce Orbit clients have escaped the upgrades, maintenance, and backup and recovery of critical communications and key data for an average of 52% savings versus on-premise infrastructure. With greater uptime and higher security, the decision to have at least some services in the cloud is a no-brainer.
  3. Virtualization was nearly all of the Matrixforce on-premise projects for 2010 (less than a handful of physical servers were setup outside of virtual hosts all year).  The average medium business customer has 6 servers at a mean of %7,000 each for a total of $42,000 in hardware alone.  Imagine having 2 virtual hosts at $9,000 each for failover and redundancy at a total of $18,000  running all of your server infrastructure. With 4 free server operating systems per physical host and easier technology maintenance and projects going forward, why exactly aren’t you thinking of virtualization?

These trends for 2011 are sure to continue. Please contact Matrixforce at (918) 622-1167 Option 3 or to schedule a meeting and demo to review your specific savings.

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