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Heartbleed Reality

Let’s clear the confusion as our phone lines and inboxes are being flooded with questions – and as usual most public information is either just plain wrong or greatly exaggerated […]

Macintosh 1984

Apple April Fools

On April Fool’s Day, 1976, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs released the Apple I computer and started Apple Computers. Eight years later in 1984, the Apple Macintosh (Mac) was released. The […]

Office 365 Logo

Which Office 365 Plan is Right for Me?

Office 365 Plan Choices Updated for 2015 There are over 4 dozen Office 365 subscription plans, for virtually every need and price point from a-la-carte single service starting at $2 per […]

Computer Virus Image

Drain Virus Infections

You must drain a pool if it becomes too polluted with algae, bacteria, or chemicals. It can be a costly endeavor, but the alternative is further damaging the environment and making […]

Old Server

Two Domain Controllers Required

Every business owner understands mitigating risk by not having “all your eggs in one basket” or having a single point of failure. However, we see far too many customers that […]

Windows 8 Logo

Windows XP Upgrade Options

As of April 8 2014, your XP computer will no longer receive automatic updates that help protect your personal information. Even if you have anti-virus software, your computer may not be […]

Guidepoint Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Guidepoint Insight

A prospect recently asked, “What’s the one thing that sets Matrixforce apart from its competitors?”. If only there was that one silver bullet, like our Delta proprietary methodology. However, the query really wasn’t […]

100 Blog Posts

Streamline Lessons From 100 Blog Posts

Streamline, our managed services blog, achieves 100 posts today! Since starting in December of 2009, many things have changed and there is very little information on the web from business organizations that aren’t […]

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