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5 Reasons Windows 8 Succeeds

Windows 8 LogoSo the trade rags are all in a flutter as they get back to their comfort zone of bludgeoning Microsoft over claims that Windows 8 has worse adoption than Vista in the first 5 months. It certainly has to hurt that Apple’s Mountain Lion was far eclipsed. Of course there is no mention from the numerous Open Source pundits that Linux usage as a whole continues to decline. In the real world, most organizations have just finished year-end and are holding cash trying to determine how much additional cost is required for Obamacare and other added taxes.

In response to the hopelessly biased and out of touch lame-stream media at ZDNet for Five reasons why Windows 8 failed, here are 5 reasons it succeeds:

  1. New Start Menu. Can you really argue with large text and easy to select options that are the same on a PC, tablet, or smartphone? Oh, right. You still want to do 3-5 more clicks to scroll up, right, down, and then the option you want.
  2. Innovative. So throw out speed, better search and voice recognition, or the new start menu. How about:
    • Support for HTML 5 eliminating buggy and unsecure Open Source bloat-ware like Java
    • Built-in PDF reader to eliminate the frustrating Adobe updates
    • Windows Live login to sync settings on any device
    • Windows-to-go settings on your thumb drive for the same OS settings on any PC
  3. Developers love it. There is this little thing called Xbox Live. Neither Apple or Google have such a service or a gaming console. Apps of all kinds are being ported from iOS and Android offering the fastest growing app segment that can be accessed from Xbox, Surface, Windows Phone, or PCs.
  4. Legacy users are moving. Those moving from the 12-year old legacy XP understand Windows 7 may feel more comfortable, but that Windows 7 is out of mainstream support already.
  5. Struggling competition. Apple stock is down 40% and continues to plummet as iPhone becomes more irrelevant. Windows Phone and Surface tablets directly integrate with Office 365 and SkyDrive. Android continues to thrive, but Google Apps is being beaten badly and anything without ads like Google Reader is quickly being scuttled.

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