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Pending Microsoft 2012 Releases

Most of the main stream media and even prominent technology writers have dubbed the 2000’s as the lost decade for Microsoft. That’s mostly revisionist history as Microsoft released hundreds of […]

Cavemen Carry iPhones

iPhone Not Relevant

Apple iPhones account for nearly 35% of our help desk calls. The iPhone issues are generally: Inability to connect to Exchange for business e-mail Calendar sync issues iTunes updates wipe all […]

Managed Service Pretenders

Managed Services Pretenders

This customer was in extreme pain. It was hard to understand how they were so patient – for the last year! The Exchange Server was recently down for 4 days. […]

Transparent Cloud

When you talk about cloud computing, customers want transparency first and far most. Business customers want to know managed service providers focus on the cloud, use the services internally, and have […]

2012 Technology Predictions

2011 was another great year for technology with a continued explosion of smartphones, tablets, cloud computing, online backup, and managed services. The following are some intriguing possibilities for 2012: Apple failure in […]

2011 Cloudy Recap

It’s time again for Matrixforce to earnestly thank and congratulate our clients for their loyalty and business savvy. We all endured blizzards, severe storms, tornadoes, sweltering heat, and now earthquakes – with […]

Cloud Computing Security

This is your story for October which is National Security Month. It is based upon real events, but the events are dramatized and the names have been changed to protect […]

2010 Technology Savings

We would like to sincerely thank our clients for the trust and faith they put in Matrixforce. These organizations saved an average of $38,256 in support costs, escaped planned obsolescence […]


Top 25 Managed Services Myths

Despite being around for nearly 10 years, misconceptions about Managed Services continue to rage with customers and many in the IT industry. The following points help clear the confusion and dispel common myths: […]

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